Friday, March 13, 2015

CHOLE (garden fairy)

"Get to know dawn's best friends!"

Hi I'm Chloe the garden fairy!

Best Friends : 
Dawn Sea-twinkle (water fairy) +Alexandra Williams 

Glimmer (storm fairy) +Ash Person 

Koko (light fairy) Jocelyn Loewen 

Maya (animal fairy) Janyse Jaud


Ricky ( tinker fairy) Pamela Aldon 

Friends: Rosetta (garden fairy) Megan Hilty

Chloe is a new garden-talent fairy who appears in Pixie Hollow Games. Determined to compete despite the garden fairies' longstanding losing streak, Chloe studied, trained, and volunteered for the games.  She is the main deuteragonist of the film.

Voice by: +Brenda song