Thursday, November 20, 2014

Queen Superstar's royal wedding: Princess Flanna + Lloyd are Engaged!


 Great new ninjgo fans,
as ya'll know that thanks to cinnamon bun ,Lloyd Gramadon just engagement to flame princess.
That's right there getting married
, and the best part is during the wedding flame princess a.k.a Flanna give up her fire powers forever and become an normal lego human.Then she said to her new husband meant together."when the first time i meant lloyd at ninjago city,  he save my life after that huge wrecker ball was about to kill me (sigh) What a man!" - Princess Flanna!!!
And there you have it catches her love in the right place. everyone couldn't wait for this moment to come including flame king. masiko lloyd's mother , and  Jay are in charge during the wedding, also nya , kai and cole are planning the wedding party. congrats to the new family!